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It’s one “day in the life of…you” It’s your wedding dress, it’s your groomsman tux. It’s your nervous mom pinning the lacy veil on so it’s just perfect. It’s your best friend talking too much as she’s cinching up your dress! It’s your shoes; something old, something new. It’s your bouquet, your make-up, and all that work you did on your hair! It’s the guys hanging out together, laughing, and telling horror stories only to finally end in hugs and encouragement; friends standing together always. It’s parents and family, nephews and nieces, sons and daughters; all gathering together for one day… … … One day…

Events are an amazing amount of toil, and sometime tears. They are also full of intense joy and laughter. Significant days can go by like a blur and one simply cannot capture all the various moments visually, nor can he/she possibly remember them. This is why Matt White Photography creates your complete event or wedding package. Not amazing just photos and videos, but rock-solid advice on how you can capture your day, and your story.

Photographing Arizona occasions for the last 20 years. Professional photographer, Matt White has been the steady choice for couples and families for years. Located in Prescott, Arizona and serving Prescott, Prescott Valley, Sedona, Cottonwood, Verde Valley, Flagstaff, Payson, and Phoenix. Weddings, Engagement Photos, and Portraits.